Welcome to Equs Farms

Our mission:

To deliver the best-tasting organically grown food
to our local customers

We are committed to sustainable practices on our 5-acre farm in Stanwood, Washington that include using renewable energy and water sources, and organic farming. Our work at Equs Farms is  inspired by the practices and ideas of FLOSS agriculture (Fresh, Local, Organic, Sustainable and Seasonal).
We are certified as an organic farm by the Washington State Department of Agriculture(WSDA). logo-organicproducer

To order any of our current produce please email info@equsfarms.com or call us at (360) 633-2379

Your greens are the best I have seen in Seattle. The sunflowers were perfect size and very crunchy and dense.  Also the radish was really nice and crunchy and strong. Thanks so much!  

David Glass, Chef at How To Cook A Wolf

Our Current Freshsheet includes:


Microgreens - ArugulaArugula
A favorite of chefs, its a green that’s full of spicy flavor.

Microgreens - RadishRadish
Their peppery flavor makes them a great addition to salads.

Microgreens - CilantroCilantro
Excellent to add flavor to Indian curries and Mexican dishes.

Microgreens - BasilBasil
The aromatic basil can be used to flavor salads, dips and meals.


With a sweet-sour flavor, they make a great addition to salads.

Highly nutritious and versatile with a delicate flavor, they are good to add to a salad or eaten fresh, blanched, or juiced.

Their soft leaves and tendrils are truly flavorful. Usually used in Asian cuisine.